Pan-European University Diplomas are recognized in: the USA, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Norway, Slovenia, Croatia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and others.

University students have been many times rewarded with gold and silver medals at international exhibitions of ideas, innovations and creativity: „INOST 2011“ for the paper „Diff erential robotic platform SKARABEJ“.

At the 26th international festival of Innovations, Knowledge and Creativity „Tesla fest“ in Novi Sad, The Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Innovation Technology „ARCIMEDES“ awarded Mirza Ramičić, a student of the College of Information Technology for the paper „Solar-ecological robotic platform“, with the most prestigious award – the best festival innovation. For his work, Mirza was also awarded with the gold medal „Tesla fest“, and the gold medal was also given to student Rajko Gojković for the paper „Information system on the arrival of urban bus to defi ned stations”. At INOST 2012 our students won gold and silver plaquettes.

The tradition of excellent results continued at INOST 2013 when our students won the gold plaquette for their paper “Intelligent solar house”, and the silver plaquette for “Dancing robotic couple”.

Slobodan Lukić, a student of the second year of College of Modern Management, won the second prize at the IV International Congress “The Economy of the Future”, which was in November 2014, organized by Tambov State G. R. Derzhavin University.

Our students, as members of teams and top-quality athletes take part in many kinds of sports and accomplish considerable sports results. Pan-European University students are members of the youth national football team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, members of the FC Borac first team, members of the women’s national volleyball team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, members of the national karate team of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Student of the PanEuropean University is a member of the national Street-ball team of Bosnia and Herzegovina which won the fi rst place in the World Cup held in China. Student of the College of Sports Sciences, Dragan Pešić, is a two-time world champion in martial art of K1, the fi rst and the best fi ghter of ultimate fi ght in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Student Borislav Vujanović is an amateur kickboxing world champion. Students of the Pan-European University participated in a mountaineering expedition which conquered the highest peak in South America, Aconcagua (6962 m).

Pan-European University won the fi rst place two years in a row at the traditional international futsal tournament in Banja Luka. Also, Pan-European University is the winner of the most prestigious and unoffi cially the best futsal tournament in the Balkans, which is traditionally held in Derventa. Students of the Pan-European University, College of Sports Sciences, associate athletic practice and acquire theoretical knowledge necessary for practicing high-quality sports and the improvement of sports activities.

International lingo-cultural summer school „Slavic world – unity of cultures“ (2011) was held under the auspices of the Government of the Russian Federation. The host city, Sunčev Brijeg in Bulgaria assembled students of the Slavic countries and provided students with the opportunity to, apart from learning Russian on a daily basis, participate at the festival and present their home country. Our students presented Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska and won the second place in the contest with the total of 36 representatives of Slavic nations from all Slavic countries. (back <<)