At the APEIRON Pan-European University, all academic papers are checked on plagiarism, so that the misuse of other people's papers is reduced to a minimum.

The APEIRON Pan-European University has purchased the plagiarism detection software from Ephorus, a world's leading manufacturer of software, which seems to be one of the key teaching problems in the countries of former Yugoslavia. This verifi cation method is one of the tools aimed at preserving the quality and authenticity of written papers.

This system is used to check all graduate, master, PhD theses, and other scientific papers. The Pan-European University went a step further and created, within the Publishing Centre, unique user environments to check papers on plagiarism for all teaching staff. Thanks to unique user accounts, all teachers and associates can, via WEB, access their antiplagiarism profi les which allow them to check the papers within their scientific fields. Once checked by this system, all papers become part of a worldwide database and become reference for all future checks.

According to the established academic standards and rules, up to 1/3 of the content of professional and academic papers of students and teachers may be quoted from texts by other authors in a prescribed manner with reference sources. As the academic practice at the Pan-European University is based on the provision and preservation of quality, it is clear why this approach has become part of the educational process and practice at the APEIRON University, which brought the University to the group of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Nor-way, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, where such systems are present in the educational process. (back >>)