Pan-European University "APEIRON", in order to increase the quality of services provided to students within the framework of regular course of study as well as distance learning, has implemented the platform both for IP television and IP radio via which educational and academic videos are broadcasted in real time, and audio content respectively. The platform itself is additionally used for the delivery of video content of the recorded lectures within the Learning Cubes 4.0 distance learning system.
Pan-European University "APEIRON" broadcasts in digital format, as an interactive IP television, academic and educational-documentary television program via internet TV Channel "APEIRON TV Channel" on the WEB site www.apeiron-uni.tv. APEIRON TV Channel is an open program internet, radio and TV channel which is pointed toward common users and students, but also to all intellectually curious viewers of a new television generation. From this project can benefit not only Pan-European University students, but also young, creative and enterprising partners from academia and society.

Academic television channel APEIRON TV is a project of students and experts from the Pan-European University by which the following program activities are developed:

  • news program dedicated to the events at the Pan-European University and in the academic community in Banja Luka, B&H and abroad;
  • educational and scientific program dedicated to contemporary scientifi c and technological forms;
  • facilities that contribute to the knowledge transfer, distance learning and life-long learning;
  • the program “Quality of Life” dedicated to the quality of life with content related to the improvement of man’s humanity and habitat, current trends, environment preservation, sustainable development nutrition, healthy life, active physical exercising, developing and nurturing of mental health, social psychology;
  • podcasting and webcasting of fl ash news dedicated to technology, regional political events, sports and art;
  • collection, processing and publication of video and audio material, texts, photography, production and post-production of internet-radio and TV shows, as well as collection of video and photo material from mobile phones;
  • documentaries dedicated to the academic community in our immediate and distance area, the European Union and local communities;
  • student interdisciplinary and multimedia works;
  • broadcasting of alternative fi lm contents;
  • content related to music and sports which corresponds to the interests of young people;
  • within the academic TV channel, an international “pool” of academic exchange of audio and video content, documentary program, and educational-scientific program is being developed;
  • within the academic TV channel, interactive media and digital technology of internet broadcasting and media integration in TV production is being explored.

As a television of youth and creativity, and a kind of workshop of modern digital audio and video technology, and as a place for promoting the improvement of higher education, APEIRON TV Channel encourages investigative journalism, scientific (research) work of students and young people and the development of modern interactive media.

The Apeiron Student Radio started working in 2014 as an Internet radio. It is equipped with the top quality equipment and broadcasts 24-hour entertainment and educational programmes. The programme schedule is largely based on the playlists created by an experienced music editor. On the other hand, we broadcast several copyright radio shows thematically dealing with different music genres and outstanding artists, and some of them are: EX YU Jukebox, Mini Portrait, Musical Globe,
Sweet Soul Music, and Interesting Facts on Fridays. The radio studio that is equipped with the modern equipment provides an excellent support to practical teaching of selected multimedia subjects in which digital sound plays an important role. In these moments, the radio studio becomes a kind of musical laboratory in which students master the technique of collecting, processing and publishing digital sound format in an interesting and creative way.. (back <<)