Pan-European University "APEIRON" for multidiscipline and virtual studies is an independent higher education institution, which is based on the principles of public and private partnership. University performs its activities according to the Law on Higher Education, based on the Decision on fullfilling the conditions required to start working, number 07-2-4777/07 from 8/1/2007 and license of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska, number 07.2-9624/07 from 28/12/2007 that issued permission to Pan-European University to work on accredited study programs. The university is registered as an institution of higher education in the register of the Main court in Banja Luka, number U/I 4847/05 from 3/17/2006. Pan-European University is also registered in the higher institution register, number 11/1 by the decision of Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska, number 07.023/600-3919/08, from 06/10/2008. 

Mission of Pan-European University


The mission of Pan-European University is based on an assumption that the societies of Southeast and East Europe are going through the process of changes, reforms, and transition towards a civil and democratic society, which is characterised by the parliamentary pluralism, legal system, the reign of law and market economy with the domination of private property. There is no doubt that the new age needs a new, deeper knowledge, which primarily means a step forward from the existing culture-civilizational environment B&H/RS to a new view of the world and different approach to economics, legal system, health care, dissemination of information, and acquiring of knowledge.



Apeiron University Banjaluka organizes full-time studies and distance-learning studies at three-year undergraduate studies, four-year specialized studies and two-semester postgraduate studies.


College of Modern Management


Business Administration & Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Business Administration & Entrepreneurship and Graduated Economist – specialist in Business Economics in sub specialized fields/professions… .

Law College

General Law Study Group
II Study Group ’’Business Law’’

College of Health Care and Nursing

Study program“Nursing“ (Health Care and Nursing) vocation: -Bachelor of health care and Graduated Nurse – specialist in health care…


College of IT Management

Study program Information Tehnology Engineering, vocation: Graduated IT Manager and Graduated IT Manager – IT specialist in sub specialized fields/professions 


College of Sports Management and Coaching

Study program Sport Management, vocation:
Graduated Sports Manager and Graduated Sports Manager – specialist in Sports Sciences
Study program: Sport's Training & Coaching


As logistic organizational units the College has Dean-office and Professional Service. As functional units the College has individually or within Pan-European University’s activities organized:

  • Pan-European University Institute
  • Library
  • Publishing Center
  • College Business Incubational Center
  • University’s Business Club
  • Career Guidance Center
  • University’s Public Relation Center
  • University’s Sports Center
  • Distance-Learning Center
  • IT Laboratories
  • Professional Laboratorie


Pan-European University

1. Vision, mission and goals of Pan-European University «APEIRON»
2. Legislative foundation

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How strong are you to win yourself?

During its development, human society has managed to overpower and strengthen its capabilities acting by the influence of its will, by the strength of its body and mind, achieving the best results in different life activities…

Students’ workload, teaching methods and learning outcomes “TUNING”

Tuning project is protected by the right of the author. Even though the whole material which is developed within Tuning project and owned by its authorized participants, other institution of higher education can freely test and use the material, having announced the research results…



XII International book fare

Among a number of traditional publishers, this September you could find  Pan-European University Apeiron…





While many countries in Europe are preparing the implementation of a two cycle system in accordance with the Bologna process, it becomes increasingly clear that there is a need to provide some simple reference points with regard to student workload. The issue of workload is related to the introduction of the ECTS credit system, both as a transfer and an accumulation system. ECTS is one of the tools for promoting comparability and compatibility in European Higher Education. The need for having clear agreed reference points also arises from the demand for transparency and fairness to students.


General secretary of the European academy of sciences in a visit the Pan-European University «Apeiron»

Between 11 and 13 June 2008 PhD Gilbert Fayl, general secretary of the European academy of sciences, visited the Academy of sciences and art of the Republic of Srpska. In his three-day-visit to Banjaluka PhD Gilbert Fayl held various lectures, round tables as well as meetings with the Ministry of education and culture of the Republic of Srpska and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska. PhD Gilbert Fayl also visited our University, had a meeting with the president, deans and the University administration.

Have a look at the gratitude letter of the secretary of the European academy of sciences

«Apeiron» the donor in the actions «Help the schools» in the Republic of Srpska

In the «Help the Schools» in the RS activity, thanks to the donation of Pan-European University in the Primary school «Vuk Stefanović Karadžić» in Banjaluka the loo in the dressing room of the gymnasium was successfully rebuilt. This, recently biggest problem in the school, was solved in a proper way with the help of «Apeiron» University. The principal of this primary school, Nedeljko Polić, thanked to «Apeiron» and «EUROBLIC», the organizer of the activity and the Radio-TV broadcast of the Republic of Srpska, emphasising that after this top-quality rebuilding of the old and broken installations and the loo in the dressing room of the gymnasium, pupils are now provided with better conditions for having physical education classes. According to the director of the Pan-European University, MA Siniša Aleksić, the spirit of solidarity and donorship has been maintained during the whole year, through the appropriate activities of «Apeiron» or participation in the activities organized by the others, because it is a great honour to help when help is most needed.

Have a look at the gallery of the photographers!

Formal opening of the new building of the Pan-European University «Apeiron»

The minister of education and culture Anton Kasipović: «I do not divide universities on  public and private, but on the good ones and the ones which are not good. This University surely belongs to the good ones group and this building is a proof of it». The new building of the Pan-European University «Apeiron» which is placed inside the university complex at 13 Pere Krece street, Banjaluka was officially open on Friday, 15 February 2008. At exactly twelve o`clock, by cutting the ribbon the minister of education and culture Anton Kasipović opened the new building of the «Apeiron» University. The ceremony of opening was attended by a large number of guests from political and cultural life, professors, students and staff.

Marathon runner Željko Blagojević got the three-year-scholarship from the Pan-Europen University «Apeiron»

Željko Blagojević who ran across the way 900km long from Banjaluka to Kosovo and Metohija in nine days, got the three-year-scholarship from the Pan-Europen University «Apeiron» for the «Sports Lecturing» group at the College of Sport Sciences.
At the premiere of the documentary film dedicated to his sport accomplishment, whose author is Igor Požgaj the journalist of the National TV network of RS, index was given to him by PhD Vidosav Lolić, the deen of this College.
According to the words of the deen Lolić, the film story «Let`s walk to Kosovo and Metohija» tells us in an interesting and authentic way about the exceptionate marathon runner who realised a truly accomplishment running more than hundred kilometres a day in the rain and snow. The film shows Blagojević being greeted and generously welcomed by the local people all the way from Banjaluka to Kosovo and Metohija, and the other sportsmen and citizens were spontaneously joining him in the marathon.
This scholarship is a way of support for the great sport results of the exceptionate marathon runner and humanist who will have a chance to educate himself at our College and become Bachelor of Sport Sciences, in order to use his sport spirit and experience in educating the young incoming generations.
Marathon runner Željko Blagojević thanked to the Pan-European University and to the College of Sport Sciences, emphasizing that this scholarship is a stimulus and inspiration for the next sport activities

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