The Career Guidance Centre of Pan-European University “Apeiron” was established within the framework of collateral activities of the University with the aim of creating the preconditions for organized and systematic mediation in promoting University students at the labor market for the purposes of employment, organization of internships for students, further education, and employment in home country and abroad. The Career Guidance Centre provides support to the following activities:

Career development information:

  • „ informing and advising students; „
  • assistance in preparing CVs in English, German and Serbian; „
  • workshops, training sessions and seminars for career development; „
  • booklets with useful information for students.

Job and establishing connection with the business world

  • „organisation of professional internships in promising companies, health care institutions and state institutions; „
  • presentation of successful companies from the region; „
  • meetings with employers; „
  • direct contact with ALUMNA Employment Agency.

Consulting and education

  • „individual consulting in preparation of the “PASSPORT OF COMPETENCIES”; „
  • workshops in the development of business and negotiation skills; „
  • job interview simulations; „
  • consulting for continuing education in the country and abroad.

If you want to always have the latest information about scholarships, internships, workshops, and etc. sign up for the newsletter of the Career Guidance Centre. Information about professions, interesting career development paths, trends and opportunities in the labour market, opportunities related to government and nongovernment programmes and services, job opportunities, professional development opportunities, scholarships, workshops etc. are daily published on the website of the Centre.

Professional Internship Programme – Become Em- ployable!!

By joining the Professional Internship Programme, you will have an opportunity to gain first practical experience in the dynamic business environment, meet the business world and the way it works, and master knowledge and skills that you will need in your work. Student internships are recognized as electoral activities and are awarded a certain number of credits (3-5 ECTS) depending on the number of days spent in the internship and replace one elective subject.

TAMARA UDOVČIĆ, Faculty of Law

During the fourth year of studies, I had an opportunity to do the internship in the Indirect Taxation Authority, Regional Centre of Banja Luka. Through this two-week programme, I was able to upgrade knowledge acquired at the faculty. Not only did I learn about the regulations that underpin the work and within which the ITA works, but I got the opportunity to practically apply my knowledge. This internship provided me the opportunity to meet with the business environment I was about to enter. In addition, I succeeded to get rid of stage fright in communication and gain greater self-confidence in this respect, which will definitely help me in the future. As a Master student at Apeiron Pan-European University, I can only praise the work of the Career Guidance Centre and its staff members as they, year after year, allow us to acquire additional knowledge and skills through the internship programmes, not only in the ITA, but also other public and private institutions and companies.

VLADIMIR ZRNIĆ, Faculty of Information Technology

For me, the internship in the Investment-Development Bank of the Republic of Srpska is wonderful experience. In the true sense of the word, the internship was really practical and gave me an opportunity to shortly be a part of their “world” and learn about new methods and ways of functioning of large organisations as well as experience business world. This internship is a great experience for the students of the Informatics, Economics and Law at the Apeiron University in Banja Luka. Through the theoretical knowledge mastered at our faculty and this kind of practical training, we can be sure that after graduation, we will be more competitive professional staff than the others. I would recommend to every student to take advantage of this opportunity in order to acquire practical knowledge.

DUŠKO KRIVOKUĆA, Faculty of Business Economics

During the third year of my studies, the Career Guidance Centre of the Apeiron University offered me an opportunity to upgrade my theoretical knowledge acquired at the faculty with practical knowledge and skills in the departments of Banja Luka Raiffeisen Bank. During the internship in the retail sector, I had an opportunity to do the jobs related to internet banking, e-archive, payment cards and check lists under the supervision of mentors. The internship took one month, however, because of the hard work, commitment and expressed interest, the managers of this sector awarded me and extended the internship for two months and gave me an opportunity to further professionally develop.

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