College of Philology

Study programs

  1. Teaching and Translation study program of Russian Language
  2. Russian Language

Students who have completed a three-year study of the study program “Teaching and Translation of Russian language” have the possibility to continue their studies in the fourth year of the study program “Russian Language” and to obtain the academic title “Teacher of Russian Language and Literature” - 240 ECTS (secondary school teacher).

Upon completion of studies, students can successfully position themselves in the labor market: in the oil industry, corporate systems, monitoring and inspection services, professional institutions, cultural institutions, design offices, insurance companies, and in elementary schools (Teaching and Translation study program). Among individual professions, court interpreters and internation-al correspondents dominate.

Students acquire knowledge at a level that allows active use of the Russian language, the use of scientific literature in Russian and in some other Slavic languages, understanding and interpreta-tion of literary texts. Students also develop the ability to link knowledge gained in the field of Russian disciplines, as a narrow scientific field, to a wider social and cultural context, and create critical thinking on the problems in this area.

In addition to the above mentioned, students of both study programs will have the following competences:

  • ability of continuous improvement of the general level of the Russian language usage, in written and oral form;
  • gaining universal habits of translating;
  • studying translation strategies and models;
  • active practical application of the theoretical knowledge acquired in the field of cross-language and cross-cultural communication;
  • working with special terminology and expanding of terminology apparatus in a specific professional area;
  • practical work with texts from a particular narrow profession;
  • improvement of the skills in the usage of the Russian language in different language (functional) styles.

Students of the Teaching and Translation study program master the latest translation technolo-gies, information technologies in the service of translation, acquire professional skills of interpret-ing and translation.
The program further allows to apply the knowledge gained in working with different types of text, its translation and editing, to acquire the skills of simultaneous interpretation, business com-munication skills in Russian language, and preparation of documentation.
Courses are taught by the professors of the Department of Russian Language and Literature of the College of Philology, Pan-European University “Apeiron”, as well as by the highly qualified specialists of the MGU Translation School and St. Petersburg Translation School, with whom the University has signed agreements on long-term cooperation, experts in the field of theory and practice of translation with personal experience in the field of interpreting and translation, i.e. scientific-technical, socio-political, and literary translation. Our professors in the Department of Russian Language and Literature have been cooperating for many years with the MGU Transla-tion School, since their establishment in 2005, and every year, they participate in international conferences on translation, organized by this school.
Pan-European University “Apeiron” has signed an agreement on educational, scientific, and aca-demic cooperation with the prestigious “LOMONOSOV” Moscow State University.

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