Study programs

  1. Traffic & Transportation Engineering

Academic studies of the first cycle

a/ Bachelor degree of the first cycle of studies in the period of 3 years (6 semesters) – 180 ECTS

  1. Bachelor of Traffic Engineering – BTE - 180 ECTS (Bachelor of Traffic Engineering - BTE)

b/ Studies of the first cycle in the period of 4 years (8 semesters) – 240 ECTS – with or without narrow
field of study/specialist degree

  1. Bachelor of Traffi c Engineering – 240 ECTS (Bachelor of Traffic Engineering – specialist in Road and City Transport (BTE spec. in road & city transport)

Descriptors of the first cycle of the Traffic Engineering studies

By mastering the study program, students gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the engineering disciplines in the traffic and transport field, as well as the ability to solve practical problems using scientific methods and procedures. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the study program, the ability to incorporate basic knowledge from various fields and apply it is extremely important.

“Traffic and Transportation” graduates are able to properly put together and present the results of their work. Competence of graduates of the study program “Traffic and Transportation”, or “Traffic Engineer”, is reflected in the ability and willingness to work independently:

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