In November 2015, Apeiron expands its cooperation with institutions in Croatia by signing agreements with the North University in Varaždin and the Industrial Development Institute in Zagreb. The objective that was presented by the signatories is a joint full par-ticipation in the single European educational space. The Faculty of Business Economics of Apeiron Pan-European University and Zagreb Business School agreed that the future cooperation will promote the student mobility within the Erasmus program and strengthening of inter-institutional partnerships. The Faculty of Law in Osijek recently became a new partner of the Faculty of Law of Apeiron Pan European University.
These two faculties prioritize joint work on the opening of the doctoral school in the field of law. At the end of the year, the cooperation was established with Celje Faculty of Logistics, Maribor University. The most important point of cooperation between the these two higher education institutions is a joint participation in EU projects (Horizon 2020), as well as opening of opportunities for the establishment of a joint study on the first cycle of the business logistics programme the end result of which would be a double degree.
In February 2015, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Faculty of Business Economics of Apeiron Pan-European Uni-versity and Faculty of Economics in Subotica, University of Novi Sad. The focus of the agreement is a joint organization of doctoral studies in the field of economy between the two aforementioned higher education institutions, and the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka. The agreement also covers the joint scientific and research work, cooperation between scientific and teaching staff members, participation in scientific conferences, seminars, scientific symposia and round tables, exchange of students and student groups.

In late 2015, the Faculty of Information Technology of Apeiron Pan-European University introduced the third-cycle doctoral studies within the information systems ,communication and logistics study programmes. This doctoral programme is the result of joint cooperation Apeiron and its partners, the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Doboj, University in East Sarajevo and the Faculty of Transport and Traffi c Engineering, University of Belgrade, in which the third cycle of stud-ies is implemented. Apeiron University has signed more than 50 cooperation agreements with universities in our country, neighbouring countries and the world, and some of these agreements are in the process of implementation and some will be implemented in the future. (back <<)