By collecting and organizing information about the actual supply and demand in the labor market for educational profiles of the University, the Career Guidance Center provides students with the actual state of the labor market needs, and in cooperation with the Agency “ALUMNA”, it connects them with potential employers.

In cooperation with its partner institutions from the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and abroad, the Agency “ALUMNA” provides graduate nurses and physiotherapists from College of Health Care and Nursing with jobs in Germany.

Students who are interested in working abroad have the opportunity, through the Agency and the Career Guidance Center, to attend foreign language courses, to test their knowledge of the German language, and to receive an official certificate (ÖSD) which is recognized in all German-speaking countries.
After graduation and obtaining the Certificate B2, graduate nurses and physiotherapists, who want to work in Germany, can apply for a work permit at the Agency “ALUMNA” and get in touch with the employer. (back <<)